Saturday, 15 January 2011

New Year Leaves

I'm still collecting dandelion leaves where ever i go...

But, with there being less plants in these winter months plus the fact that i'm not travelling as much at the moment, my collecting is less frequent just now. I did however go on a trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park this week and collected these two leaves from right near my beehives on the estate. Considering the amount of snow that must have covered them recently they look remarkably healthy.

On another note - i just finished a wonderful book called Weeds by Richard Mabey. He writes about everything i've been researching in the past few years: the human attitude towards nature; how and why we classify species as desirable / undesirable; our perception of the environment etc... The book contains many references to lots of the subjects and people i've been looking at: John Clare's poetry, John Ruskin's writings in Proserpina, Richard Deakin's The Flora of the Colosseum and also the work of Edward Salisbury, John Gerard and Nicholas Culpeper. It's a really great book. Richard Mabey is definitely someone i would love to meet.