Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Indian Dandelions

I'm here in Mumbai for 2 months - on a Gasworks International Fellowship and i'm staying on the outskirts of the city in the north at an artist organisation called CONA. It's wonderful here as we're right next door to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park so I can see kites, parakeets, sunbirds and lots of butterflies all around where I am staying.
However, I haven't found one dandelion specimen for the collection - which is a shame. And then last night i found this little gem on the bookshelf in the house: it's a book called Flower Thoughts, A Selection. Edited by Louise Bachelder and with wonderful illustrations by the incredible Eric Carle. The quote to accompany this illustration of a dandelion is by Henry Ward Beecher:

You cannot forget if you would, those golden kisses all over the cheeks of the meadow, queerly called dandelions.