Monday, 30 June 2014

Dandelion Napkins

While in Iceland I bought these lovely paper napkins with Dandelions on. One side has the design of the full plant, on the other side a close up of the flower head. They are by Hekla Icelandi Design found here:

I bought them in Reykjavik but at 990 Krona they are probably the most expensive paper napkins i've ever bought (that's more than £5), however they are for the Dandelion Archive so i had to have them.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Akureyri Dandelion Display

While on my travels in Iceland I saw this window display celebrating the beauty of dandelions in the town of Akureyri. Known as the capital of the north of Iceland it's a lovely coastal town overlooking the fjord Eyjafjordur. It was a beautiful sunny day while i was there so it was nice to explore the place. I also visited the Botanical Gardens and collected a dandelion leaf specimen for the Dandelion Diaries.
Using real dandelion flowers to display ceramics is a cute idea and although i didn't get the chance to ask any locals their thoughts on dandelions, I got the feeling its viewed with fondness.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Icelandic Dandelions - Túnfífill

I have just returned from two weeks travelling in Iceland: an absolutely amazing trip in a stunning landscape. I was delighted to see that the dandelions on the island were still in full bloom or just going into seed, so I was able to collect leaf samples for the Dandelion Diaries, plus get lots of images of dandelions in various locations. 

The Icelandic for dandelion is Túnfífill and many areas of Iceland were covered in sunny yellow flowers. I loved it!