Friday, 5 June 2015

German Dandelion Postage Stamp

Representing Germany with stamps in my Dandelion Archive is this stamp.*
It was released in 1977 and has the German for dandelion on the stamp: Lowenzahn
I'm struggling to find the artist who did the illustrations, however I did read in a stamp catalogue that the print run was 12,217,000 - if that's of any interest.

*I also have a first day over of this set this is from, with a lovely embossed dandelion on the envelope - please see March 2013 post on this blog.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Swiss Dandelion Postage Stamp

This is a really beautiful stamp in my Dandelion Archive: it's from Switzerland (Helvetia) and was released in 1960. It came in a set with other wild flowers, however it was the dandelion I was most interested in (obviously).

Eire Dandelion Postage Stamp

I have an Irish dandelion postage stamp in the Dandelion Archive too - it's a drawing of the plant (no artist is named on the stamp, but they are by Irish artist Susan Sex) and it has the Gaelic name for dandelion: Caisearbhan. It was released in 2004 from a series depicting the 'Wild Flowers of Ireland'.

Estonia Dandelion Postage Stamp

Here's a stamp from Estonia that is also in my Dandelion Archive. It has the Estonian for dandelion on it: Harilik voilill and is dated 2004. Designed by Lembit Lohmus it's a tiny little stamp measuring 23 mm x 23 mm