Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Iceland Dandelion Postage Stamp

I have a number of postage stamps in the Dandelion Archive from a number of different countries.
This stamp from Iceland, with a dandelion flower and seeds running down the side, was issued in 1960 in a series of wild flowers. Unfortunately i can't find the artist's name.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Polish Dandelion Postage Stamp

This is a lovely little stamp in the Dandelion Archive. It's a Polish stamp from 1974 with an artwork by Stanislaw Wyspianski, a playwright, artist, poet (1869 - 1907). Many of his works are held in the National Museum in Krakow - I can feel a trip coming on...

Austrian Dandelion Postage Stamp

Here's another example of a stamp in the Dandelion Archive with a dandelion on: it's a 2007 Austrian Lowenzahn from an Alpine Flowers series.